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Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Pneumiatric Psychiatrist

Founder & President

In Collaboration with Sane Majority, the United States Psychiatric Association, the L. F. Nexus, the Pneumiatric Mental Health Clinic, Bisconti Neurosurgical & Psychiatric Clinic,  the Pneumiatry Institute, & Over 10,000 Other Mental Health Organizations

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This Page Updated Tuesday, February 22, 2011 6:49:41 PM CST (GMT – 6 )



You’ve heard of the Moral Majority.  Well, we at the L. F. Nexus have started an organization we’re calling the “Sane Majority.”  The "Moral Majority" (reborn as the "Faith and Values Coalition" and then renamed the "Moral Majority Coalition") is a coalition of people who share righteous moral values.  The Sane Majority is a coalition of people who share sound mental values.  Note that the Sane Majority supports the Moral Majority Coalition in terms of their support of the principles of sanity.  The Sane Majority does not devote itself to matters like the platform of the Moral Majority Coalition.  However, here is where we stand on their platform:


·         The confirmation of pro-life, strict constructionist U.S. Supreme Court justices and other federal judges

The pro-life position is not necessarily opposed by the principles of sanity but neither is it necessarily required by the principles of sanity.  Strict constructionism is required by the principles of sanity.


·         The passage of a constitutional Federal Marriage Amendment

This position is required by the principles of sanity.


·         The election of socially, fiscally, and politically conservative state and national candidates.

This position is not opposed by the principles of sanity and, in part or in whole, is required by the principles of sanity.  We cannot be more specific without providing a hundred pages of information and commentary.  We will do just that at a future time.


The Sane Majority is a much larger organization than the Moral Majority Coalition.  This is only natural since the principles of sanity allow for greater latitude in belief than do the principles of morality.  More than 99.99% of Americans and more than 99% of the world’s population agree with the principles set forth by the Sane Majority.  99% of conservatives, moderates, and liberals agree with the principles set forth by the Sane Majority.


The Sane Majority is smarter and wiser than the American Psychiatric Association, which counts among its members homosexual psychiatrists.  The courageous organization Information Underground informs us, through their contacts at the American Psychiatric Association, that the American Psychiatric Association leadership has said repeatedly in private meetings, “To h_ _ _ with what the American people think!  We will decide what is best for them.”  The Sane Majority has no comment.  As always, we will let the facts speak for themselves.


The Sane Majority is supported by the United States Psychiatric Association and other organizations.


The Sane Majority supports the following organizations:



Academy for Educational Development. Based in Washington, DC.

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association.. Based in Chicago, IL.

American Cancer Society. Based in Atlanta, GA.

American Diabetes. Based in Alexandria, VA.

American Heart Association. Based in Dallas, TX.

American Jewish Joint Distr. Comm. Based in New York, NY.

American Lung Association. Based in New York, NY.

American Museum of Natural History. Based in New York, NY.

American Red Cross. Based in Washington, DC.

AmeriCares Foundation. Based in New Canaan, CT.

America's Second Harvest. Based in Chicago, IL.

Art Institute of Chicago. Based in Chicago, IL.

Arthritis Foundation. Based in Atlanta, GA.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. Based in Philadelphia, PA.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Based in Boston, MA.

Boy Scouts of America. Based in Irving, TX.

Boys and Girls Club of America. Based in Atlanta, GA.

Brother's Brother Foundation. Based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Campus Crusade for Christ. Based in Orlando, FL.

CARE USA. Based in Atlanta, GA.

Carter Center. Based in Atlanta, GA.

Catholic Charities USA. Based in Alexandria, VA.

Catholic Medical Mission Board. Based in New York, NY.

Catholic Relief Services. Based in Baltimore, MD.

Christian Aid Ministries. Based in Berlin, OH.

Christian and Missionary Alliance. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Christian Broadcasting Network. Based in Virginia Beach, VA.

Christian Children's Fund. Based in Richmond, VA.

City of Hope and Affiliates. Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Compassion International. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Covenant House. Based in New York, NY.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Based in Bethesda, MD.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Based in Boston, MA.

Direct Relief International. Based in Goleta, CA.

Disabled American Veterans. Based in Cincinnati, OH.

Ducks Unlimited. Based in Memphis, TN.

Easter Seals. Based in Chicago, IL.

Educational Broadcasting Corp.. Based in New York, NY.

Feed The Children. Based in Oklahoma City, OK.

Focus on the Family. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Food For The Poor. Based in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Foundation. Based in Seattle, WA.

Gifts In Kind International. Based in Alexandria, VA.

Girl Scouts of the USA. Based in New York, NY.

Girls and Boys Town. Based in Boys Town, NE.

Girls Incorporated. Based in New York, NY.

Goodwill Industries International. Based in Bethesda, MD.

Habitat for Humanity International. Based in Americus, GA.

Institute of International Education. Based in New York, NY.

International Rescue Committee. Based in New York, NY.

J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Based in Washington, DC.

Jewish Board of Family and Child Services. Based in New York, NY.

Junior Achievement. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl.. Based in New York, NY.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Based in White Plains, NY.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Based in New York, NY.

Make-A-Wish Foundation. Based in Phoenix, AZ.

Map International. Based in Brunswick, GA.

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. Based in White Plains, NY.

Mercy Corps. Based in Portland, OR.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Based in New York, NY.

Metropolitan Opera Assoc.. Based in New York, NY.

Muscular Dystrophy Association. Based in Tucson, AZ.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Based in Houston, TX.

Museum of Modern Art. Based in New York, NY.

National Assoc. for the Exchange of Ind. Resources. Based in Galesburg, IL.

National Gallery of Art. Based in Washington, DC.

National Jewish Medical and Research Center. Based in Denver, CO.

National Mental Health Association. Based in Alexandria, VA.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Based in New York, NY.

Northwest Medical Teams International. Based in Portland, OR.

Project HOPE. Based in Millwood, VA.

Public Broadcasting Service. Based in Alexandria, VA.

Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center. Based in Atlanta, GA.

Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Based in Evanston, IL.

Salvation Army. Based in Alexandria, VA.

Samaritan's Purse. Based in Boone, NC.

Save the Children Federation. Based in Westport, CT.

Shriners Hospitals for Children. Based in Tampa, FL.

Smithsonian Institution. Based in Washington, DC.

Special Olympics. Based in Washington, DC.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Based in Memphis, TN.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundatio. Based in n Dallas, TX

The Nature Conservancy. Based in Arlington, VA.

Trinity Broadcasting Network. Based in Tustin, CA.

Trust for Public Land. Based in San Francisco, CA.

United Jewish Communities. Based in New York, NY.

United Negro College Fund. Based in Fairfax, VA.

United States Olympic Committee. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

US Fund for UNICEF. Based in New York, NY.

Volunteers of America. Based in Alexandria, VA.

WGBH Educational Foundation. Based in Boston, MA.

Wildlife Conservation Society. Based in Bronx, NY.

World Vision. Based in Federal Way, WA.

Wounded Warrior Project, based in Jacksonville, FL

Wycliffe Bible Translators. Based in Orlando, FL.

YMCAs in the United States. Based in Chicago, IL.

Young Life. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

YWCA of the USA. Based in Washington, DC.


















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